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What does success look like to you?

As virtual assistants, we have a pretty unique perspective of the online business space as a whole. Getting to deep dive into all different kinds of businesses has shown us that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to success, particularly as multi-passionate entrepreneurs.

Instead, success is about defining what it looks and feels like to you, and turning down the noise of the algorithms, or this marketing strategy or that mastermind.

To us, success looks like ease, joy, and freedom. Once we realised this, it allowed us to detach ourselves from the idea that success was a particular income goal or social media target, and start making the necessary shifts to create a life full of those 3 things.

But then what? How do you actually set yourself up for success?

Get clear on what will support you to make the shifts you need to make. We recommend starting with bitesize changes: small, slow shifts that will have big, long-term impact.

Here are some of the systems and processes that we put in place to support our version of success (more ease, joy and freedom):

  • Use a robust client management system. For us, Dubsado was a no-brainer because it ticks all the boxes. It has made admin a breeze, ensuring contracts are signed and invoices are paid when we’re not even in the office, and our client journey’s are completely seamless.

  • Set boundaries. With ourselves, our kids, our families, our clients, our inbox, even our dog (yes, really). It’s an ongoing process, but as recovering people pleasers we are starting to get used to saying no to anything that doesn’t feel aligned.

  • Use a project management tool. We use Trello every single day for client work & communication, keeping track of projects and general brain-dumps. It’s a game changer to see everything in front of you and know what to prioritise.

  • Automate the basics. Running a business doesn’t mean spending endless time overseeing every last detail, and having automations in place doesn’t mean impersonal or artificial. Automating tasks like responding to enquiries, booking discovery calls, onboarding & offboarding, and payment reminders allow us to focus on serving and supporting our clients and gives us freedom of time.

  • Hire a virtual assistant. Yes, you read that right, we are virtual assistants with our own virtual assistant. Because delegating is an act of self-care, and the peace of mind knowing that we have someone on our team to keep things ticking over when shit hits the fan is the ultimate ROI.

  • Let go of urgency culture. Society perpetuates the idea that we must always be available. There is a difference between reacting and responding (we’ll save that convo for another day), and we strongly believe in and value a much more sustainable and intentional approach to work and life.

What small, slow shifts can you start implementing to support your version of success?

Here’s to more ease, more joy, and more freedom.

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